How Important is Site Speed?

Have you ever had to wait in line a long time at the grocery store, bank or airport? Even if you’re the most patient person in the world, chances are waiting for the line to move made you agitated and annoyed. Well, the same goes for websites. No one likes to wait a long time for site pages to load. In fact, slow site speed causes many online shoppers to abandon their carts. According to a study from Radware, 51% of online shoppers in the U.S. identified site slowness as the main reason they neglect a purchase. Radware estimates the total cost of abandoned purchases for online retailers at over $18 billion per year.

Slow-performing websites clearly put a damper on user experience. Consumers expect a website page to load in three seconds or less. According to KissMetrics, a one-second delay in page response can cause a 7% reduction of conversions and decrease customer satisfaction by 16%. If your website doesn’t load in the ideal time frame, then consumers are likely to leave and move on to a competitor’s site. Websites that take too long to load face high bounce rates, less time on spent on site and declining revenue.  KissMetrics also reported 75% percent of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a website are less likely to purchase from that site again.

In addition to affecting user experience, site speed also influences a site’s search engine rankings. While site speed is just one of the many factors Google considers when determining rankings, it’s a factor that should be paid close attention to. In 2010, Google announced website load times would influence rankings. Now, slow site speed on mobile devices and desktops can hinder a site’s rankings. Improving your site speed will enhance your rankings and help you acquire more organic traffic.

There are many factors that can impact site speed, such as bulky codes, unoptimized images and excessive ads. To evaluate your site speed and determine what may be slowing your site down, use our free website speed test at For further assistance with improving your search engine rankings and user experience, please contact our SEO experts by calling 1-888-932-4629.

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